19. FEBRUAR - 14. MARTS 2015

Idea and concept: Flying Pigs
Director: Nicolei Faber
Dramaturg: Mette Tranholm
Setdesigner: Nicolaj Spangaa
Actor: Thomas Corneliussen
Lightdesign: Andreas Buhl
Sounddesign: Janus Jensen
Composer: Maja Romm
Producer: Søren Normann Hansen

Manuscript: Dennis Christiansen, Mette Tranholm, Nicolei Faber og Thomas Corneliussen.


In his sisters footsteps

Caspers sister is missing. She traveled to Africa to help and now shes gone. Casper never understood his sister involvement in activist- and NGO-movements. Her disapperance sets off a chain of dramatic events in Caspers life. In an attempt to find her, he set off to follow her trail. It turns out to be quite an action-packed journey, and Casper realizes that theres not one truth, but many. The question is wich one he can live with.

Fact and fiction

The performance is based on extensive research about aid-organisations. What kind of help really helps? And who needs the most? Fact and fiction merges, so in the end, as Casper, you no longer know whats real and whats not.